Trends for AW18

Part of my job as an Interior Stylist is to research upcoming trends and always be ahead of the game. This information informs clients of what will be popular, including everything from colour trends to lifestyle imagery. We gather inspiration from everywhere - fashion, textiles, interiors, branding and come up with a pretty sound impression of the upcoming season.

Trends for interiors are a lot more slow moving than fashion and you'll find a lot of regurgitation from the previous seasons, just improved and renamed! After all who has the money to redo their house every 6 months to keep on top of the trends? These trends can be interpreted in everyone's individual way. You might, for example, see a resurgence of brightly coloured cushions in the shops or lots of metallic vases which is a reaction to trends on a much smaller scale than whole room makeovers. I thought I'd share with you some of my favourites I've found so far....



This is a more raw take on the ever popular Scandi trend. It's all about imperfect materials, appreciating nature and becoming one with it. Lots of untreated woods, pale walls and natural wool throws are key for this trend. It's the epitome of hygge, layering is key and bringing the outside in is a must. Think wilderness prints, sheepskin rugs and skulls.

Image by  Romain Ricard.
Image by  Villa Boreale . 

Image by Villa Boreale

Image by  Ingredients LDN.



Response is all about taking responsibility for environmental/social/policital issues. We are a generation of individuals who want to repair the damage we have done. So whether that's shopping responsibily from independent and ethical stores, or eating more vegan food or volunteering in the local homeless shelter - we can all play a part in change. Colour palettes are calm, soft and neutral with lots of imperfect ceramics and handmade items flooding our homes rather than mass produced elements. 

Photo by Pottery West. 

Photo by Pottery West. 

One idea that has grabbed my attention is the notion of having a Capsule Furniture Collection. Voice unveiled a collection of "fundamental" furniture at Stockholm Design Fair last week which is designed to be highly functional, accessible and long lasting - just like a capsule wardrobe would be.

Image by  Voice Furniture.
Photo by  T  his Is Paper. 



As with anything, there's always the opposite. Bold is a direct reaction to Response. This is about wanting it all, not being afraid or ashamed of individuality and living life to the full. Interiors will be bright, I really see red being a huge colour towards the end of the year and into 2019. There will be clashes of colour too, lot of metallics and a nod to the 70's. 

Image from  Master Bedrooms.  

Image from Master Bedrooms. 

Image unknown 

Image unknown 

Photo by Tessa Ross-Phelan. 

Photo by Tessa Ross-Phelan. 

So that's my favourites so far, what do you think? Does any of these catch your eye? Or are you a rebel for trends, preferring to do your own thing? I'd love to hear your thoughts!