Baked Eggs With The Campden Cookware Frying Pan

Paid Collaboration with Robert Welch

 Baked Eggs in Campden Cookware Frying Pan

Baked Eggs in Campden Cookware Frying Pan

How to make a frying pan look sexy - that was the dilemma facing me when Robert Welch got in touch and asked to collaborate. Second problem is I don’t cook very much - I’m lazy. Luckily I have a very talented Fiancé who can whip anything and everything when he puts his mind to it. Teamwork makes the dream work and we came up with using this Shakshuka recipe to create a really vibrant and rustic shot.

thumbnail_7DA6CBF9-E843-426E-B0E8-9BEA38E4AA8D (1).jpg

Robert Welch is a household name in British design and I was very much aware of their cutlery designs. I didn’t know too much about their cookware before so was very pleasantly surprised with the Campden Non Stick Frying Pan when it arrived.

 Robert Welch Campden Cookware Frying Pan

Robert Welch Campden Cookware Frying Pan

Some geeky technology features of the frying pan include a PFOA free Excalibur non-stick coating. Excalibur is considered to be the toughest, longest-lasting, most durable non-stick coating in the world. Even the name is impressive.

The base of each pan features tri-layering technology, a copper core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel, which allows for an even heat distribution across the whole base.

 Robert Welch Campden Cookware Frying Pan

Robert Welch Campden Cookware Frying Pan

So cue a miserable Sunday in October where we decided to make the baked eggs and create some shots. I was the photographer, Ben was the cook naturally. We picked fresh Parsley from the herb pot and pretended we were the perfect cooking couple!

 Recipe for Baked Eggs

Recipe for Baked Eggs

It worked perfectly first time and I love the colours in the shots from the tomatoes and the peppers. I think we made it look pretty sexy!

You can get 20% Robert Welch’s Campden Cookware range until 29th October 2018 by clicking the link here.

 BBC Good Food Shakshuka with Campden Cookware Frying Pan

BBC Good Food Shakshuka with Campden Cookware Frying Pan

Happy shopping, cooking and eating!

Getting Cosy for Autumn

In collaboration with Catherine Lansfield Bedding


Autumn is my favourite time of year - so much so we’re going to get married in Autumn next year! Aaargh! As I write this though, there has been an unusual warm weather front so everyone has been baking today! Typical! Nevertheless I’m hoping it’s just a fluke and it will go back to crisp mornings and chilly evenings where it’s perfectly acceptable not to go out on an evening and instead hunker down under a blanket. Here are my tips for “cosying” up a space.

 Wedding Date Announcement

Wedding Date Announcement

The Bedroom

My bed is one of my favourite places to be when the weather turns colder, I would go to bed as soon as it got dark if it was socially acceptable! When Catherine Lansfield got in touch and asked me to try their Stag bedding, I jumped at the chance to cosy up the bedroom with this gorgeous duvet set. It’s also a great piece for Christmas if you like to update your decor at this time.

 Cosy bedroom decor

Cosy bedroom decor

I added a Catherine Lansfield charcoal chunky knit throw and a sheepskin rug to add extra texture to the room and make it look really warm and inviting. Of course fairylights also help! You can create your own little sanctuary where you can curl up with a good book and a massive mug of coffee, tea or hot chocolate - whatever floats your boat!

The Living Room

 Candles and pumpkins

Candles and pumpkins

Candles, candles, candles are the key here. Light them all and have them everywhere (obviously be really careful and never leave them unattended) but there’s nothing better than turn the “big light” off, switching on the lamp and lighting the candles. It creates a gorgeous cosy space with a lovely ambiance. Perfect for nights on the sofa under a blanket watching a film.

The Dining Room

 Autumn pumpkins

Autumn pumpkins

Pumpkins. They are everywhere at this time of year. I’m not talking about the ones carved with triangles for eyes, although don’t get me wrong I love a good carving session - it brings back so many good childhood memories. But there are so many more amazing varieties out there these days that you can use them as a styling staple all through October. Create a gorgeous display in a fruit bowl or use them as props on shelves. The possibilities are endless. Shoutout to my favourite florist - The Flower Lounge for supplying me with the most beautiful mini white pumpkins.

 Autumnal Dining Room Decor

Autumnal Dining Room Decor

The Kitchen

I’m just going to say one thing - Cake! Get baking, cooking, hosting dinner parties; whatever you can to spend time here all toasty whilst the weather rages outside. If cookings not your thing - there’s always deliveroo!

 Kitchen And Cake

Kitchen And Cake

And lastly - Leopard Print

 Leopard Print

Leopard Print

You can’t escape it this year. It’s everywhere. I’ve always been a leopard print fan, Ben calls me the crazy leopard print lady. I once turned up to the airport wearing a leopard jumpsuit, leopard shoes and pulling a leopard suitcase. That’s what happens when I have to get up at the crack of dawn for an early flight!!!

Anyways I digress - but I just wanted to share this gorgeous scarf from Accessorize and think it’s the perfect Autumn accessory.

 Cosy Cat

Cosy Cat

Have a lovely Autumn from me and Bojangles!

Colours for 2019

September in the interior world always feels like a fresh new start as everyone starts looking to the next year and the next big thing. It has seen the launch of lots of new colours from a few of our favourite companies and I’d thought I’d share some of my key ones.

 GIF via juergenland.tumbler

GIF via juergenland.tumbler

First up : Farrow & Ball

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the new Farrow and Ball colours in the Manchester showroom and catch a first glimpse before they were unveiled at London Design Week. They are all lovely but two colours that really grabbed my eye were Preference Red and Sulking Room Pink.

 Preference Red via  Farrow & Ball

Preference Red via Farrow & Ball

Preference Red is such a rich and inviting red, it immediately feels grand yet contemporary. I can imagine it being used in traditional period homes or as a statement in a modern new build. It will also work fabulously as a pop of colour in small formats such as a painted chair or stool.

Sulking Room Pink has the most amazing name, drawing upon inspiration from French boudoirs of the past. It feels feminine and romantic but also fresh and modern. I can see this pink being used in any scenario.

 Sulking Room Pink via  Farrow & Ball

Sulking Room Pink via Farrow & Ball

Dulux Colour of the Year 2019 : Spiced Honey


At first I wasn’t so sure about this announcement. My first thought was “oh no it’s beige”. But this is ANYTHING but beige. It has such an earthly tone and feels very grounded. When teamed with a dark navy, the colour becomes really contemporary and sophisticated.

 Spiced Honey via  Dulux

Spiced Honey via Dulux

Continuing on the Earthly theme, Sherwin Williams have released Cavern Clay as their Colour of the Year 2019. This is a gorgeous terracotta tone which when teamed with prints gives a real bohemian palette.

 Cavern Clay via  Sherwin Williams

Cavern Clay via Sherwin Williams

And for the eccentric colour lovers - Tiru by Graham & Brown. This is what I love about the interior world, there is always something for everyone. I love this vivid teal which looks so luxurious against the dark woods and bright brasses. Again this colour can work as a whole colour scheme or in small doses.


What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts, drop me a comment below or message me on Instagram!

Arighi Bianchi Visit

I was lucky enough to be invited down to Arighi Bianchi one Saturday to have lunch and look around the store. I have heard of Arighi Bianchi before, I think everyone in the North has heard of it. But despite my mum living so close and being only 30 minutes away, I had never stepped foot inside. For some reason I had pre expectations that it was expensive and old fashioned and probably not my scene. How WRONG was I!!!


I brought my good friend Marisa along as she has just recently purchased her first home and was looking for inspiration for the few final pieces that would bring the house together. First up we headed straight for lunch as we had a table booked. The cafe was packed and there's no surprise why. The menu was full of choice and I had food envy looking at everyone's plates. 


I chose the lamb focaccia burger and my friend went for soup and a salad. All three were delicious! 

After lunch we wandered into the maze that is the grade II listed building, we went wherever our eyes took us and headed for whatever caught our attention. One of my favourite pieces was this Panache 3 seater sofa in the most beautiful deep green. This colour is 100% on trend at the minute and if I were to do my living room again, I would build the scheme around this stunner! 


The perfect accessory for the Panache sofa is this gorgeous botanical print cushion. I love the dark hues in this, perfect for the dark botanical trend which shows no signs of going anywhere fast. 


Another piece which caught both our eyes was the Big Bang Pendant light which would make a stunning showstopper statement above a dining room table. It's one of those one of a kind pieces that would last forever. 


Of course I was drawn to the plants, I can't resist! Instead of buying a cushion every time I leave the house, I now buy plants. The Flower House concession stand is a plant lovers paradise. The ladies were really helpful and knowledgeable and their wares are beautiful. Lots of little pots and trinkets to create gorgeous botanical displays at home. We both left with two plants each although I could have easily taken more!  


A few other key pieces that I love include the Blake Bookcase because of it's sleek black lines and industrial feel and I am certainly going back for these wine glasses as soon as possible! 


The thing I learnt about Arighi Bianchi is there is something for everyone's tastes. It's a beautiful well presented store, full of hidden treasures with the amazing character of the building as the backdrop. There are trends, classic pieces and the quirky and unusual. My friend bought this cute little stool and it looks perfect in her living room alongside a statement accent chair. 


We had a lovely afternoon wandering round and admiring all the fantastic pieces. Check out the Arighi Bianchi brochure for my key pieces feature and head down to store between 27th - 30th September for their Home Edit Autumn event where I will be taking part in a Blogger Q&A session!


Garden Reveal

Anyone else feel like the weather is turning? I thought I better share my garden reveal before everything gets all wintry and I miss the boat! Remember my moodboard from a few months ago? 

 Garden Moodboard

Garden Moodboard

Well here is the semi-finished result! 

 The semi-finished result!

The semi-finished result!

We bought the furniture from Argos. The quality isn't the highest but then it was far cheaper than any other similar ones on the market so beggars can't be choosers. I think it's fine for what we need it for but if you have kids or heavy handed friends, you might need something more robust.


I moved the rug from the living room into the garden for our garden party because unfortunately I live in Manchester and its rains - A LOT. The constant back and forth with the cushions is already wearing thin so throwing a rug into the mix might not be the smartest purchase. 


I already had some Sainsburys outdoor cushions from last year which I bought in the sale because I knew I'd have a reason to use them one day! Anyone else constantly doing this?! I added some H&M cushions into the mix and voila! In case I haven't said this before - H&M is fab for cheap cushion covers that are always on trend and they are great quality too, especially the conscious range! 


The lights are a hand me down from my Mum when she moved house - I'm still holding out for the festoon lights but I actually really love the playful pops of colour these lights bring! 

Next was a quick trip to Wyevale garden centre to purchase a herb planter and replace the bay tree we killed (sorry Ben's Mum) and that's all it needed to finish it off. I added sunflowers because sunflowers are always a good idea and some outdoor dinnerware for styling purposes. 

We're really pleased with how it looks and I have loved spending the heatwave out here sunbathing. I also love enjoying the light nights, batwatching with Bojangles and dining alfresco.

 Alfresco Bojangles 

Alfresco Bojangles 

Another one ticked off the list! Now onto the next project - an interior designer is never finished!